Manage money. Together.

BudgetMatador helps small organizations:

  • Create and track budgets
  • Store expense and income documents
  • Eliminate paperwork on reporting
  • Spend less* on financial management
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Just budgeting things

What can you do with BudgetMatador?

Budget like a pro

Budget like a pro

Create forecasts. Track actuals. Analyze variance. This is enterprise grade budgeting - simplified.

Collaborate as a team

Collaborate as a team

Share budgets and control access. Start budgeting in the cloud and get multiplayer functionality.

Audit your transactions

Audit your transactions

Add financial documents to your budgets. Improve data visibility. Move closer to zero paperwork.

Do it yourself

Do it yourself

Focused features and simple adoption. Go beyond spreadsheets without expensive consultants.

Be a better manager

Be a better manager

Designed by managers for managers. Improves your accounting and decision-making workflows.

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Meet the team


Uve Poom

Uve likes budgeting as much as the next guy. He also likes breathing life into new things, not to mention crossing things off his to-do list. That’s a pretty powerful combination for building a money management app.


Jaan Urb

Jaan has a soft spot for order, so a speck of dust can keep him up all night. Looking at the early hours he works, we suspect that Jaan simply doesn’t sleep much. His house can’t be that dusty, so there must be something else driving him.


Rando Välimets

Rando likes to ride his bike, and not the one that requires pedalling. Unless pedalling means pushing the pedal to the metal. We’re told he likes that more than Uve likes budgeting. That’s a whole lotta love.


Katharina Skolimowski

No startup is complete with a designer like Kata. She started out with shaping urban environments, but much like Hans, Kata soon realized that people will spend more time in digital spaces. So now she creates those, and moonlights as a DJ


Jaanus Põldre

Jaanus is truly the salt of the earth. We never really understood that phrase because salt doesn’t do much good for the earth, but as long as Jaanus keeps up the good work, we don’t really care either.


Hans Hendrik Starkopf

Hans is from a family of sculptors. While his forefathers are known for using tangible materials for their work, Hans realized in his playdough years that the future is digital. We can’t wait when holosculptures become an actual thing.

BudgetMatador received support from the European Regional Development Fund to implement the project “Launching the BudgetMatador financial application”. The objective of the 15.000 EUR grant is to launch the app internationally.